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Let the Shaming Begin

Yep, it’s that time of year for the holiday pushers!

I remember when we celebrated Halloween, then Thanksgiving and then Black Friday started the Christmas season.  Ya know, one holiday at a time! Next thing we know, Christmas songs are playing and red cups are at Starbucks and it’s only the first week of November! Last year Black Friday turned into Brown Thursday, yes you heard me right, several big box retailers are engaged in an aggressive game of Thanksgiving store hour one-upmanship.

There’s a bidding war for your dollar, but at what cost?

Do we blame the consumer, you know who you are, the one camped outside a store waiting for it to open, or heading out on Thanksgiving to get a jump on the sales. It’s gotten so crazy with people trampling other poor saps trying to get their hands on discounted electronics. Shops look like combat zones during Black Friday. Or do we blame the retailer who thinks those hours are so needed for their bottom line that they demand that time of their employees?

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 12.39.49 PM

Thank goodness for some sane retailers out there, like REI and Nordstrom. The outdoor sports retailer REI has given their staff the day off so they can go out hiking, both Thanksgiving and believe it or not Black Friday! #OptOutside  The question on all those otherCEO’s minds is how much money they’re surely leaving on the table?

nordstrom-day-after-thanksgivingThe data suggests that US consumers are tired of Black Fiday. But retailers across the world are still preparing for this event regardless of what consultants are saying.

Nordstrom is making a stand, at least, on the holiday decorating.  Nordstrom’s policy earns attention among those who hate to feel like they’re being manipulated by early decorations, and I was surprised to hear that that policy’s been around for at least 20 years now.

Yet there are still some that don’t get it. Plus I always felt like the deep discounted sales are usually on the stuff they can’t sell anyway, right?

So do you agree with their stand, that holidays are better when they’re celebrated “one holiday at a time,” or do you think retailers decorating for Christmas in September is no big deal? DO you think REI is crazy.

While the trend of moving up holiday sale dates until they’re bordering on September seems to have stalled, remember that most Walmarts are still open 24 hours on Thanksgiving. So don’t fret, guys. Walmart is still an asshole.

I, for one, have never shopped on Black Friday and I don’t ever want to. I try to pick up gifts all year long during other sale times or not. When I see something that makes the perfect gift, I get it right then. The hardest part of all that is waiting to give it to the person!

So which kinda buyer are you?


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