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From Drab to Fab Handbags

How To Spice up that Drab Fall Wardrobe

When you’re going through your closet, shuffling through those hangers and finally deciding what outfit to wear, do you spend the same amount of time deciding what bag to rock? It’s easy to stick to an “accessory routine” and wear the same handbag days, weeks, even months at a time. It’s kinda like wearing the same shoes everyday with every outfit, and who wants to be predictable?

Once you become predictable, no one’s interested anymore. Chet Atkins

Don’t get me wrong, everybody needs that great black bag…

…just don’t let that be the only color handbag you wear this fall!

Switching it up from wearing that same black bag, day after day, is easier than you think. Implementing pops of colors spices up a dull, almost monochromatic look. You’ll be surprised by how many “colored” bags act like neutrals, so don’t worry about going too crazy. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many compliments you receive.

Instead of reaching for that black bag, opt for another neutral or brighter colored bag. Color is your friend! A daring, bright red Cher or subtle carmel-toned Lauren (or any of the colored bags below) will make all the difference so the outfit comes together effortlessly.

You don’t grow if you don’t take risks. Live in color.


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