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The Boutique Challenge

Something I’ve found over my years is that unique gifts are the best gifts. I mean, of course everyone loves the basics like UGG’s and iPhones, but I’ve found that some of my favorite gifts over the past years have been those that I’ve received from random shops and boutiques from my mom (who happens to be an extremely loyal local business supporter).

When asking my mom why she favored local businesses so much, she replied by explaining to me that if everyone spent $100 a year more in local businesses instead of chain and box stores, it would actually put an extra $3 MILLION in our economy as well as create thousands of more jobs every year. This really got me thinking….if I’m going to be spending my money, why not do so in a useful way that not only benefits the economy, but also the recipients of my gifts in the sense that I can give a more custom, unique gift that likely will not be given to them by anyone else!

I decided to see what some of our favorite boutiques on the East Coast, West Coast, Midwest, and in the South that carry our handbags and where you can find some great gifts as well! That’s when I decided to create my own “Boutique Challenge.” Instead of spending all of my money on gifts from big box retailers, I’ve decided to STRICTLY stick to shopping at local boutiques for all of my holiday shopping this year.

East Coast – Boston, MA:

Pair some of our purses with great jewelry for your sister or BFF.

South – Louisville, KY:

Midwest – Chicago, IL:

and even grab a fancy key holder for dad and an adorable bag for your mom (or even yourself)!

West Coast – Los Angeles, CA:

While I thought I might find this challenge to be difficult when it came to shopping for my dad (because let’s be real, “boutique” doesn’t exactly scream “manly”) I was actually pleased to find out that a lot of these boutiques had really great gifts for men too! Lucky me!!

So as my lovely mother Karen would say, think globally and shop locally! Instead of shopping at your basic big box retailer, we hope that you’ll join us in taking on the Boutique Challenge this year and please feel free to share your experience!


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