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White…The Color Without Color

Do you own any white handbags? How often do you wear them? What do you wear them with?

It goes with everything, signifies elegance and softness, but its a rarely seen handbag color?

I get it, most woman automatically believe it’ll show dirt andย wear faster than a darker color? I’m guessing this is one of the main reasons this poor lonely bag gets no love.

Then there’s the blue jean stain factor to consider on any of your lighter colored bags! You have to remember, it’s not the bag, it’s your jeans. They’ll sometimes warn you about the dye bleeding but you forget and throw them on. A few wears later, you’ve got a blueish spot on your fave bag. When this happens to me, I typically just stop wearing the bag and regret getting it in the first place.

But here are a few tips that should help when you are deciding to invest or not:

  • Choose a white bag with a slight gloss overlay, that top coating will help repel dirt and even help with your deadly denim
  • Buy a white clutch to avoid contact with denim
  • Wear it using a short strap (like Rachel Bilson below)
  • Wear the bag with last seasons wardrobe since all the extra die in clothing should be washed out by then.
  • Periodic cleaning/upkeep is so important and goes a long way in extending the life of your bag.

Every “expert” has a different cleaning regimen for white leather. My opinion? If you’ve invested in an authentic quality leather handbag, just stick with the safe route and leave it to the pros and don’t risk damaging the leather to no avail.

In the future, I’m not gonnaย regret getting that beautiful classic white bag, (like the Nikki White Tiger I’ve been eyeing) I’ll just wear it smarter next time!


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