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Halloween In Style

Lets face it; every girl has a favorite holiday.

There’s the family girl who loves Christmas and Hanukkah, the food lover who lives for Thanksgiving, the Valentine’s day sweethearts, and then there’s the costume lovers like me who live for the one day of the year that you get to dress up as whoever or whatever you want, Halloween!

Over the years I’ve noticed that almost every Halloween costume is somehow turned into the “sexy” version of itself. Sexy nurse, sexy cheerleader, sexy cop…but there comes a certain age where you have to ask yourself, “whatever happened to rolling up to Halloween in style?”

Of course, it’s always an easy option to buy the pre-made (and usually “sexy”) Halloween costumes found at Party City but in my previous experience I found that my costume was also being worn by TWO other women at the same party, yikes!! This year we’ve decided to compile a list of our favorite DIY Halloween costumes so you too can avoid this fashion nightmare. These costumes are adorable, easy, and stylish, hope you enjoy!

Cruella De Vil: Grab your favorite black dress, tights, and red lipstick for this Disney classic!

Mr. & Mrs. Clooney: Been in love with George for as long as you can remember? SAME. Throw on your favorite dress and pose as “Mrs.Clooney” for a night!

Audrey Hepburn: Another classic, just grab a black dress, pearls, and your sleekest shades and you can be the classy and beautiful Ms.Hepburn for the night

“Bee-yonce”: Obsessed with the Queen of pop? Try this adorably “punny” Beyonce costume!

Rosie the Riveter: This ones a classic! All you’ll need is a blue shirt, a red bandana, and your brightest red lipstick and you can dress as this classic cultural icon!

Grey Goose: Who doesn’t love a dirty Martini?! Glue some feathers onto an old skirt or dress and you’ll be Gray Goose! So creative and adorable.

Carmen Sandiego: Total computer nerd? Grab a trench coat and a hat and you can be this American classic!

American Idol Contestant: This one is absolute genius! Print out an American Idol sheet (found on Google) & dress as your favorite contestant!!

E.T. & Elliot: Dress as this Spielberg classic, all you’ll need is a hoodie, an old bin, and a stuffed (or in this case real) animal!

So get creative this year! Instead of spending way too much time and money on a “sexy” mouse costume, turn to your own closet! Choose from one of these classy ideas and show up in style this Halloween.


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