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From Trends To Classics

What does it take for a trend to become a classic piece in wardrobes around the world?

Putting together style inspiration and fashion trends for the fall made me wonder, How does something go from a fickle “of-the-moment” trendy piece to a certified staple? Research led me to some interesting answers.

3 things come to mind when I think of trends that were able to withstand the fickleness of fashion:


Leopard: Every decade from the 1920s on has embraced leopard’s neutral tones, making it a definite classic, which shouldn’t surprise you.


Fringe: From 1920s flappers to today’s edgy street-style mavens (and everything in between from western, rock n’ roll and bohemian looks), Fringe is still being called a trend every year, but is it? Or has it become a staple?


Uggs: Starting at the beach in the 1970s in Australia to keep surfers toes cozy, their utilitarian uses has surpassed a trend and transformed into an ever-expanding brand offering a variety of products.

5 ways trends start

Fashion Designers

Designers like Dior, Chanel, and Gucci have been around forever and have coined many trends.

Fashion Capitols/Cities

Cities like Paris, New York, London and Milan are considered to be fashion meccas where anything and everything fashion related launches.

Fashion Bloggers

With the evolution of the internet and people connecting all over the world, bloggers have a huge say in what’s IN and what’s OUT.


Starting with the first movie stars, celebs have come to the forefront in fashion styling.

Street style

Things like joggers and sneakers have that street style influence garnered their call to fame.

Basically, you know a trend has crossed over to a staple when it becomes a part of your everyday wardrobe and is an effortless addition to any outfit.


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