Chicago / Fashion / Photoshoot

Phewww, What a Weekend

We couldn’t have found a better location for our theme, “Under the Boardwalk” than Navy Pier.

Since we were postponed a week, (due to 30 mph winds along the lakefront!) we had a little more time get prepared and make any last minute changes. Picture this, a group of 5 girls walking with big suitcases, rolling clothing rack, bags on their arms, all while fighting the wind. Throw in a few outfit changes behind a sheet, mixing up the models’ names (I swear Heidi and Brittany should have just switched bodies and everything would have been perfect. 😂😂), and the quick change in temperature from a brisk morning to a summer-like afternoon. Did we get a lot of stares? Yes. Did we care? Nope.

When it all comes together it’s like the perfect puzzle.


People were so confused. They were trying to buy things off the rack! I had to say at least ten times, “I’m sorry these are NOT for sale, it’s for a photo shoot,” and people STILL wanted to buy some of the clothing.


By this time we were preparing for the final shot. I’m helping the models figure out/put on their outfit, the photographer and Brynn are scoping out the perfect angles and all of a sudden a Pier worker asked us what we were doing. Uh-Oh. We knew this might happen. We told him it was a student project, but he wasn’t falling for it. We were forced to stop taking pictures and pack up. On the walk back to the car, we stealthily took our last shot when the guy turned his back, and just like that the shoot was complete.


Even with all these mishaps, we ended up with some really great shots for the Spring/Summer ’16 Brynn Capella Collection.



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