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Are you a Season Pusher?

If you have ever heard that term before, you probably are! Or is the one who says that to your friends. But seriously, this time of year is hard to dress for. Especially growing up in Southern California (along the beaches, no doubt) and moving to Chicago (where people call the lakefront a beach πŸ™‚ !!

Either way, I’ll be the one in a sweater, jeans and open-toed shoes. Or the one in boots, jeansΒ and a tank top. Granted I grew up wearing Uggs with my denim skirt and a T-shirt down to the beach when I was in high school. That was normal where I came from. See….

And now that it’s October in Chicago, and the weather has been up and down, I am having the hardest time with my daily dressing decisions.

Easy part is of course, my handbag! But I am not the girl with the black bag (if you’ve followed any of my What to Wear posts or this blog in general), I love neutral bags of color, not your typical straight black or brown. It always needs a little something extra. So if it is black or brown, the leather is distressed or has a hint of oxblood, well you get the picture.

Maybe it’s my Southern California influence? Β I never had a seasonal wardrobe before now, although I have embraced all seasons. It still kills me, 13 years later!


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