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IMG_6001I used to get subscriptions to Elle, Lucky, InStyle, Glamour, W Magazine, even Mademoiselle.  I would look forward to them coming in and I couldn’t wait to read them. I remember moving once, with boxes and boxes of magazines. My dad thought I was crazy, but I thought they were great for inspiration, and checking on fashion history. Problem was I stopped doing that years ago and next thing you know, I had piles of magazines everywhere!

Then one day, I got this crazy notion to go through ALL of them with my interns to pull out the pages that we wanted to lessen the load. It actually was a very fun project at first. Which you might think crazy because I had magazines dating back to 2000. Of course, the project started back in 2007, so it’s just a little less crazy.

So we pulled pages and pages out for Newsletter inspiration, photo shoot model angles/looks, style inspiration and created binders for every year. The best part was finding looks or bags that you would have no idea came out 5-7 years earlier. It was a really telling tale of what was “classic” and what was “trendy.”  The worst part was finding something you wanted to buy but realized it was long gone from the stores.

Nowadays, it’s hard to find the time to sit down and relax with your magazines. With so many ways to read about fashion online, I wonder how the magazines stay in business {must be the ads that take up 70% of the pages}. Only problem is that with social media, the art of the layout is gone, and everyone with a computer and a thought, thinks they know about fashion. So I will always love the art form itself and definitely miss the monthly mass-mailings.

I still can’t help picking up a fashion magazine {no gossip mags please} every time I’m in line at the supermarket or Target, I don’t even mind getting in a slow line when I do that.


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