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Planning a Photo Shoot

It sounds glamorous and fun, which okay it can be.

But seriously, it takes a lot of work both in the planning and the execution. All of which starts with the inspiration for the season. Shannon and I spent all of this summer working on mood boards, online research and creating a vision for the collection.

Our final color pics: Italian Cowhide leather in Kelly Green, Fire Coral, Pewter Grey, Light Camel, True Black and a distressed Italian leather in a medium hue of Navy. We added a fun pink lining for the preppy feel of the Ivy league meets Cape Cod, East Coast. (i.e. Kelly Green with pink lining is so perfect.)

And when all was said and done, our inspiration turned into our theme for Spring 2016, now called “Under the Boardwalk.”

Part of designing a season is being creative and the other is business, especially with spring when it comes to handbag colors. Making sure that the colors are sellable both to our wholesale accounts, as well as our target customer, while also embracing the fashion world and your gut, is a balancing act!

Next comes picking a location. That’s the great part about Chicago. There are so many places to go whether the theme is water or land based. We’ve done ethereal shoots at Humboldt Park with it’s gorgeous scenery and historic buildings. We recently did our Island Girl shoot at the marina. This theme is perfect for NAVY PIER.

Then comes SHOPPING! Who doesn’t love that?!?!? I spent a few days hitting up my favorite shopping locations, asking the models what they have and finding the balance to make it all come together in the end. Brittany and Heidi make it so easy, as they look good in everything I put on them. I was especially excited to find this Cynthia Rowley Floral skirt at Anthropologie and this adorable preppy ensemble at Nordstrom Rack.

{Look for our follow up next week, as the photo shoot is this weekend!}

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