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In just a few weeks, I’ve already had an AHA moment!

Something They Don’t Teach You in College

Lifestyle Marketing? “What is that? Is that like social media marketing?” – These are questions I had when researching fashion marketing internships. All those brand marketing classes and I still didn’t realize how important it is to connect with consumers in an authentic way.

I have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts, and I’ve used them all in varying degrees over the years. For a business, you might think it’s just about posting, selling or how many followers you have. But the way you do all that makes all the difference. Ultimately, it’s about engaging and inspiring others in a “digital word of mouth” kinda way. {I told two friends and they told two friends} Like this tweet did via the image, the message and the connection.

Knowing which platform yields the most response to the different target markets is essential. But marketing isn’t simply about Press, Advertising, Social Media Marketing, etc. Nowadays, it’s really about story telling (like on our Instagram feed to the right) and truly connecting with your customers on a totally different level than ever before.

Then taking into account the small business aspect here and what that means, I had another AHA moment. This experience has definitely made me realize a few things I never really thought about working in “Big Box Retail” most of my young adulthood.

  1. What it truly means to be an entrepreneur; one must eat, sleep, and breathe whatever their product is.
  2. Working with a small business lets the intern be involved in more than one sector of the business.
  3. Running the business out of her home truly means just that. Bags, boxes, magazine clippings, cats, leather scraps and more engulf almost every inch of her home.
  4. I get the opportunity to experience the operations first hand from beginning to end.
  5. I get to read, watch, and explore fashion in depth and get to see the immediate results of different campaigns that I’ve helped put together.

But the most important thing I’ve learned so far is that it’s up to the intern to make the most of their internship. The time and effort they put in dictates their outcome.

With everything that I’m gaining with this internship, I feel like I’m one step closer to starting a fashion marketing firm in LA. I know the tips/tricks from Brynn are going to stay with me and give me the foundation I need to start my own business.

Thanks Brynn!


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