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A Career in Design

Still being a fairly recent design graduate, choosing the right career path has probably been the biggest question mark in my mind. I knew I wanted to move to a big city but where did I start?!?

I did not have a full-time job set up, so I took this internship with Brynn to ease into the real world by working with her and learning all it takes to run your own company. One of my dreams has always been to open up a boutique in a big city, so seeing all the things it truly takes to become an entreprenuer has been an eye-opening experience.

One day, Brynn brought up this company, V.Mora that she came across a few years ago after meeting the owner, Anna, briefly at a boutique. I looked them up and was very intrigued after seeing all of the different services they offer, from pattern making, quality control, fabric and trim sourcing, costing analysis, and many others.

I had to learn more! Since most of the career fairs during college were retail-based, I just knew there had to be more out there than becoming the next Coco Chanel or working retail at Dillards.


Ashley Erickson, Director of Operations at V.Mora was kind enough to respond and take the time to answer all of my questions.  Although Anna first started the company out of a studio apartment in Chicago, in a few years, she has already expanded to New York and in the West Coast including San Francisco and Los Angeles. Brynn and I were amazed and excited to hear that. Talk about amazing success!

WWL_AL6In school, I learned all about draping and pattern-making, but had no idea how to get started on my own, both physically and monetarily. So this company stood out to me because it does all the work a large design firm does, without being one sole ‘designer’ selling their own products.  Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t really know a company like this existed!

It is a great idea, especially for designers new to the industry who have this dream but are unsure about how to carry it out. It’s like you can be the designer without having to hire a whole team right away. Not only will they help you with the product but also, how to budget every cost. Ashley also shared with me that they offer an online course with 12 classes to start with before moving into a full launch. Hmmmm.

So if you excel in sketching, pattern-making, sewing, fitting, or any other skills needed in a design firm, but don’t want to necessarily design for yourself, there are options. Which was excited for me to discover!

I just think it is an outstanding idea for a company whether you use the services or are a part of the team at V. Mora, and it definitely gave me more of an idea of possible career paths to take. Makes me even more excited about the future!


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