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FALL 2015: What’s Hot

WOW, I know Summer isn’t over yet, but Fall’s not far away either!

Where has the time gone?! Moving to a big city, time seems to fly by three times as fast and I don’t want my first summer in Chicago to end! Everyone keeps scaring me by talking about winter, but there’s still Fall first which will always be my favorite season with the clean crisp air and of course, FRESH NEW TRENDS!

A few trends that caught our eye for this upcoming season is lots of Orange, Army GreenTortoiseshell sunnies for color and print, while ‘Belt-bags’, Bucket bags, extra large Tote bags, and extra small, compact cross bodies are endless options in the bag department.

Which is awesome, because right now we are designing a brand new cross body that will be a smaller size than the Nikki Pouch, but bigger than the Cher wristlet. We are naming it ‘Kari’!!! (after Brynn’s sister, who inspired the style). Also, when we create our belt-bag we are naming it Jules after Brynn’s friend and Chicago jewelry designer. So exciting to be a part of all of that!!!

So what’s your favorite new style??  Honestly, I need all of these bags in my life RIGHT NOW. Choosing just one is impossible.

IMG_0476 copyArmy green and bright orange are so refreshing to see when usually Fall colors consist of the dead neutral browns, tans, and blacks. These colors will look super chic with basic silhouettes while making sure you have the confidence to wear it like you mean it!

Sunglasses are my favorite accessory next to bags and these Married to the Mob ones found on Forever 21’s website are the perfect mix of reflective lenses with a classy print. What a cute combo! In love.

Next up: we are shooting our Spring 2016 Collection Under The Boardwalk very, very soon (I know!) so be on the lookout where some of these new bag styles might be featured.


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