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Finding a better way to accessorize!

Clean out your closet for Fall AND make room for accessories!

Since I was a little girl, I’ve been obsessed with accessories. It has evolved over time but nonetheless, it’s present and fully active. It started with an obsession of handbags, all colors, shapes, and features. Whatever it was, I had to have it. Then it transitioned into big dangly earrings. My current obsession? SHOES!

Clothes may come and go, but accessories will always be there for you. And the best part is…they’ll always fit!  My favorite dangly earrings or cute crossbody bag will always look good on me, no matter what.

Instagram Comfort Me

So I’d shop at the typical mass-produced chain store (no need to mention names), because I wanted to wear what everyone else was at a low cost. We’ve all been a young adult with little to no money, so fast fashion stores were the easy way out. Yet I always had that gut feeling as I walked away with my new purchase that these items just weren’t going to last me very long.

Never really thinking about where my money was actually going. Then I saw this pic on Instagram via Comfort Me about shopping local, not just locally (in addition to small boutiques, think farmers markets to other local businesses). It really made me stop and think. $3 million and thousands of jobs in exchange for $100 more spent locally?!?! Wow.

I think I need to start thinking about money differently, especially now that I am getting older and preparing to enter the workforce. I always thought I can’t afford that bag or those earrings or shop there!  But I decided, it’s time to change. If I limit myself, instead of having 12 pairs of dangly earrings, I only need a few pair of high quality ones. No more cheap accessories from you know where! I am SO over getting green skin from jewelry, my bags falling apart and blisters from crappy shoes.

Working with Brynn, I’ve been introduced to cool designers in Chicago who make a living off of locally making accessories. And folks, this is the kind of stuff that will last you for a long, long time. Here are some of my favorites: Jules Vance, Squasht (Lesley Timpe), Juliet Jewelry, and of course, Brynn Capella Handbags!

So I challenge you!

Find that local boutique near you and see what they have to offer. Go to a local art festival to see what your local designers are up to! I bet you’ll find an item you can’t turn down and one that will still be part of your style years from now. That’s why I’m trying to spend my money where it matters. Supporting them is more important than I had ever thought.


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