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Boutiques: We love them and they love us!

Believe it or not, Fall is right around the corner!

Summer has come and gone in a flash, which for me means going back to college and finishing my last year. I can’t believe I’m going to be a senior…that sentence just doesn’t seem real. School starting signals the end of my time here at Brynn Capella Inc. It’s been a fabulous summer, even better than I expected. I learned so much and had many great experiences. It has been such a privilege working for Brynn and getting to spend so much time with her was a lot of fun!

Fall also means a new collection is arriving soon! Although we have been reaching out to boutiques since April about our Fall line, we sent out these beautiful postcards to remind them. We are always looking for more boutiques to partner with because we love giving our customers many options on where they can purchase a BC Handbag. Partnering with local boutiques around the country also gives us a chance to have our customers support other small businesses.

Speaking of new boutiques, we have four new ones!

We got into one store in Kentucky: Cale & Cole, and we got into three in California: Got Purseonatlity, Rabat Shoes, and Rainsong Shoes. We love being back in stores in California, as Brynn is originally a Cali girl herself! We are extremely excited for our upcoming fall line to be featured in these stores, and are happy to welcome them into the Brynn Capella boutique family, along with our new LA Showroom.

Makes me wish I wasn’t leaving yet! But I’ll be back, you can count on that.

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