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It’s that time of year again and some of us are preparing to go back to school.

And by back to school, I don’t just mean down the street or getting on the school bus every morning. I’m heading back to good old Iowa City for senior year at The University of Iowa. I am unbelievably excited to see what this year has in store for me. I finally have my own apartment with some great friends and I am taking some really interesting classes! I am, however, extremely nervous for the daunting task of finding a job after the big G-word (graduation). But I know that having a Brynn Capella internship on my resume will take me very far.

I’m packing up my clothes, getting all my furniture set, and saying my goodbyes to family and friends at home. But what’s really on my mind is how am I going to perfect my senior year style? I want to come back from summer and have everyone wonder where I got such great style.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 6.43.52 PM

I haven’t thought everything out but I have some solid ideas for when I hit the campus come end of August. When in college, especially, style is everything. You have so many areas you need to impress. You have a certain class style, going out style, and even a professional look to make a good impression to future employers.FullSizeRender

I’m coming back from a semester in Italy with some really great pieces to add to my wardrobe. But clothing will only get me so far. I think it’s my new quality handbags that will get the heads turning. A Cher wristlet is perfect for a wallet or even a pencil case to put in my backpack. And speaking of backpacks, have you heard you can turn the Lauren or Mini-Lauren into a backpack? They can fit a laptop and can even be a professional handbag for a job interview. But what about nights out with friends? My go-to bag for nights out will definitely be my Nikki.

I am SO ready to head back to school, showcase a new and improved style and rock and promote Brynn Capella handbags all over campus! My first outfit will be this amazingly comfortable maxi-dress that I got during my time in Italy paired with a Nikki Pouch in Canyon.


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