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A Weekend at Bay

Sunshine, a breeze and a view, what more could you ask for during an outdoor event?

This weekend was the Bay Harbor Art Festival event I had talked about last week on the blog, and boy was it nice! Our booth was right next to the lake, and when I say right next to it I mean it was literally right next to the lake. We had the best view of the lake and could watch boats come in and out of the little marina. Bay Harbor was a gorgeous town that made me reminisce of when I was a little kid and my family would go to the lake during the summer. Being next to the lake made the event even better. Being located right on the waters edge made me want to jump in and cool off from the sun! The water was so clear and inviting it was definitely hard to resist that temptation.


Last year Brynn and her intern, Alicia, went to the event for the first time and had the worst luck with the weather; not only was it cold, it rained and even hailed on them!

This year we had much better luck. The weather was absolutely beautiful. It was in the upper-70’s, mid-80’s the whole time we were there, with the sun shining and a perfect breeze consistently blowing in from the lake. After spending the weekend  there, I decided the first thing I was going to do when I got back to Chicago was go to the lake, and that’s exactly what I did on Monday.

Overall, the weekend was a success and we had a great time meeting new customers, looking at all the fancy boats, making new friends with our neighboring vendors, and soaking up the sun. I would love to be able to go back to the Bay Harbor area in the future for a proper vacation.

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