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Sweater Weather??

I can’t even imagine buying a sweater right now and yet, it is already that time in the fashion world to start preparing for the new fall trends! Nordstrom plays a huge role with the Anniversary Sale going on in July, where the new fall merchandise is first released on sale and then the prices go back to normal on August 3rd. I feel like summer just started, how is it already the end of July??

Angi in Congo

Fall 2015 – Angi in Congo

Although we have been preparing for our Fall production run since May; purchasing the leather, hardware, lining, and zippers. We are FINALLY in full-swing of making all the orders for our website, events and retail boutiques! How exciting!

The new collection will be available by Labor Day weekend, which personally is the earliest I can even fathom shopping for the next season. Speaking of excitement, this fall we will also be featuring a brand new bag style called the Angi!

I truly can not wait for this collection to be available – all of the hard work, planning, time, and not to mention the beautiful color story we chose should really reflect on this new collection. It is so amazing to see your own ideas come to life. The hardest part left to decide now is which color do I want?!?!

So I thought I’d give you a sneak peek, at the new style, some fall colors and our beautiful lifestyle shots! Since the african inspired collection is called, Born to be Wild, we wanted to portray that in our imagery.

Already, I have learned so much and gained even more respect for independent designers by working behind the scenes, and seeing how it is in the real world. Sure, in my design and product development classes we were taught different skills and the knowledge needed in the industry, but the key is how you apply it to scenarios in real life. This Internship has been the ideal job on how to gain that type of experience!

Mini Pamela in Toucan

Fall 2015 – Mini-Pamela in Toucan

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