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A Fashionable Event

Fashion Events, they come in all different shapes and sizes.


Last Wednesday, I had the wonderful opportunity to be involved in a pop-up shopping event hosted by Fashionista Chicago for Gabrielle Zwick Designs Swimwear and Ellison Sunglasses. This was a casual event where the two designers had their products available for sale and W Lakeshore (the hotel where the event was at) provided drinks and appetizers while guests mingled and shopped.

Gabrielle, like Brynn, designs and makes all of her products here in Chicago! Brynn has partnered with and done several events with Fashionista Chicago as well, as they are a great supporter of local designers.  I know Gabrielle personally, because we are from the same town. So when she texted me about being a part of the event, I was thrilled at the idea of it! It was a kind of event I had never done before and I would be able to see an old friend at the same time.

My part in this event was to model Gabrielle’s Swimwear, mingle with the attendees, hand out business cards and take pictures with guests.

I’ve done many fashion shows before, but never a pop-up event like this. It was kind of weird at first walking around the guests, not quite knowing how to just randomly start a conversation with any of them. But within a few minutes, I had people coming up and asking me about what I was wearing and the conversations just flowed naturally from there! The other models and I ended up going through the event and mingling as a group, because many guests wanted a picture with all of us modeling the products being sold.

Gabrielle Zwick, the designer, is in the middle

Gabrielle Zwick, the designer, is in the middle

Not only was this a fun shopping event, it was a fabulous networking opportunity as well! I made a lot of business connections, met many fabulous people who were as passionate about fashion as I am, and I made great new friends with the other models, one of which was Miss Illinois in 2014! By the end of the event, we were like old friends, chatting up a storm with each other and the guests, dancing to the music, and taking silly pictures.

I would definitely do this type of event again, maybe I can talk Brynn into that for fall?!?!

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