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What to Wear: Boardwalk to the Boardroom

Multi-functional wardrobes are a must (and much easier) nowadays!

As times change, so does the office norm.  Gone are the days of stuffy suits, at least for us woman. Thank god!

Now you don’t want to look like you just walked in off the beach. But having key pieces in your wardrobe that can be worn for work AND play are a must. A simple shirtdress is ideal, as it has the button up look for the office and the playfulness of the weekend. This print from Topshop is perfect, the simple color combination of black and cream and whimsical print can easily work for both.

Just through on your flip flops for a walk along the lakefront or a pair of peep-toe booties for the office meeting. A convertible colorful bag, like the Mini-Lauren Verde di Palma can work for either situation.

Making this outfit like totally awesome, dude!


What to Wear: Boardwalk to the Boardroom

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