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Eyes Set on the Beach

I cannot believe it is starting to feel like summer is almost over!

Where has the nice weather been hiding? I’m sure hoping August shows us a little more of what summer is supposed to feel like.01-cape-cod1

My family recently planned a vacation to visit my Dad’s sister’s family at their house in Cape Cod, Massachusetts for the beginning of August. Did you know that the first of August is only two measly weeks away?!

Yeah, it’s creeping up on me, too.

I’m unbelievably excited. I cannot wait to spend some much needed time laying in the sand, dipping my toes in the ocean and spending time with family I rarely get to see. It’s not often my family takes a “relaxing” vacation. There’s always site-seeing to do, hiking trails to conquer, or ski slopes to master. We rarely stay stationary for an hour regardless of the vacation destination. This should be a nice change for my family.

Now I know this little getaway of mine is a solid three weeks away, but I can’t help to start to already prepare and think about what I need to pack besides beach vacation essentials such as bathing suits, cover up, a cute sundress, and a sunhat!

I have to be smart about what I pack because I do not want to pay the fees that airlines are charging for checking a bag these days. So for a five-day trip, I’m still hoping to fit everything into one suitcase. Which brings me to the most important part: my handbags. The key is to bring something that goes with anything and that I can use for any occasion.

So I will definitely be using my Mini-Lauren as my personal bag and fitting my Cher wristlet in it as my wallet. This way I can use my Lauren for my days at the beach or any little trips my family decides to take. It will hold all my essentials such as sunscreen, my book, phone, snacks, etc. Then I can use my Cher wristlet for nighttime dinner and drinks because all I’ll really need at night is my phone, ID, money and some lip stick.

Okay, I think I’m all set! Take me to the beach!


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