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What to Wear: Art Festival

Fun, Casual, Resort styles are perfectly suited and comfy too.

Since our favorite type of art festivals are found along the waterfront, I went with a nautical themed look. A Maxi Skirt + Striped Shirt + Distressed Vintage Leather bag = perfect daytime casual look for walking an art festival. Plus the nautical look is back on trend. Or did it ever go away?

The formula for nautical style is as simple as it is perfect: navy, white, and a stripe. The cool part is it doesn’t actually have to be navy stripes nowadays and there’s no need for anchor prints. Added bonus? It works for all ages and looks as good in a woman’s wardrobe as it does in a man’s.

Just keep in mind that a little goes along way here, so no captain’s hats, please.

What to Wear: Art Festival

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