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An Event-full Month

Taste of Chicago has come and gone, leaving us with a delicious taste in our mouths and a smile on our faces.

As I mentioned last week, we were at Taste of Chicago this year as part of the 2nd annual Fashion Focus Makers Market event! While there, we got to demonstrate and wow new customers with our quality handbags, eat different kinds of mouth-watering foods, and make friends with the other local artists. From the artist couple next door, Lucius Jewelry and Lucius Art (a husband and wife team, she does jewelry and he does graphic prints), to the jewelry designer, Fanta Celah, on the other side who also spent hours doing henna tattoos.

I consider myself a foodie. Not because I am picky about my food, or I can taste certain ingredients when eating, but because I LOVE FOOD! I never got to try that Crave Bar (Shannon mentioned) but the donuts from Beaver’s were delicious, the fries from both Fat Shallot and Jack’s Fork in the Road and the avocado toast from Farmer’s Fridge were awesome. All of these but Farmer’s Fridge were food trucks, thus proving my love for food trucks!

So Taste of Chicago was obviously a dream for me. Plus getting to work at a legendary event like this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I won’t soon forget.

What’s next on our list? Bay Harbor Arts Festival!


Next week Brynn and I will be heading up to Bay Harbor Michigan to take part in the annual art festival, which showcases designers and artisans from all over the country. As you can see, the scenery is breath-taking. But being right on the water has it’s ups and downs. The weather can change on a dime.  I heard last year there was even hail one minute and then beautiful skies ten minutes later.

This will be the second year Brynn is showcasing her handbags and my first time going to Michigan! I am extremely excited for this workcationWe will be at this event July 24th 6pm-8pm, the 25th 10am-7pm, and the 26th 10am-4pm. And when we aren’t working, we will be relaxing next to the shoreline, sipping wine and watching boats sail by. The intern that went with Brynn last year to Bay Harbor absolutely loved it, so I know I will too.

So if you’re in the Bay Harbor/Michigan area, come say hi next weekend!


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