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All In The Details

An Inside Look:

Since I began my Internship with Brynn, so many people have asked me how it is and what I do. There is not one way to really answer these questions because there is so much more to it than people could ever imagine! The most important part of it all is making sure that you are paying attention to all the details because the whole design process is essentially a bunch of little pieces being brought together with serious planning and deadlines. Did you ever wonder why things are done the way they are? Well, we’re here to tell you!


Sometimes we can go back and forth on what colors to use  based on final leather choices and the theme of the collection. One small change can affect the balance and overall design aesthetic of the entire collection. We also love to use color so you can actually see what’s inside your bag vs. a big black hole. We also try to pick only one to two colors per season otherwise it can get really crazy on the production floor as to which color lining goes with which color leather.

Fun fact: we actually show the backside of the lining because we prefer the ‘wrong’ side as it is much shiner and does not collect dust or create pilling.


All kinds of zippers are used on our bags from coils to metals to plastic. We use metal zippers on all top closures and outside pockets that are exposed for the ‘look’. This is what brings me to the Lauren and Mini Lauren our most popular style.  Since our top closure is inset deeper into the top of the bag, we wanted to find a zipper that was soft to the touch but just as durable as metal.


blog-studsDesign Details

We like to keep things simple, when it comes to design details. Our studs were the perfect balance to give the Nikki a little something extra without taking away from the luxurious leather and basic design. All styles are meant to be timeless in nature with the use Italian leather, colors which can make great neutrals, clean lines and functional features. We love Antique Brass as we feel it pairs well with our color choices.

Other design details that play a role are the intended raw edges and visible top stitching. Some designers would frown upon this unfinished look, but that is what makes us unique and our own style; bohemian, effortless and everyday.


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