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My Summer Color: Pink

There are some colors that I just know won’t look good on me.


On the other hand, I never put thought into what colors DO look good on me. Then all of a sudden, every time I wore something pink, my friends would compliment me all day saying that pink is “my color”.

I didn’t think that highly of the color when I put it on in the morning, yet they kept repeating “that color just really works for you!”

If you’re like me with brown hair, brown eyes and a fair skin tone, a nice shade of pink will really make your eyes pop and compliment your skin tone. You can do your hair in any way because the outfit is not dependent on your hairstyle. As long as the color of your gorgeous locks are shown, it will really complement the pink in your outfit.

It doesn’t make a difference whether the pink is in a clothing item or an accessory, it’ll still be the statement to your summer style. Sometimes I’ll rock a pink sundress or romper and other times I’ll add a pink headband to a fun colorful outfit. No matter the day, you can typically find pink somewhere on my body this summer.

And now for the finishing touches: a handbag to go with any pink I may be sporting that day. My go-to bag for any occasion is the Nikki in Blue Lagoon (shown below). It is a classic color that will go with any shade of pink and goes perfectly with a neutral color in the shoes.


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