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FAQ: Brynn Capella Handbags

Today marks the first day of Taste of Chicago, which we are a vendor at for the Fashion Focus Chicago Makers Market!

Although this is the 35th annual taste of Chicago, it’s only the 2nd annual Makers Market featuring Chicago artisans, as well. We are thrilled to be a part of this  legondary event and are excited to eat delicious food, hear great music and, of course, meet many new customers! Taste of Chicago is July 8th-12th 11am to 7pm, but we will be here the 8th through the 10th, so stop by and say hi!

While in preparation for the event, I was thinking about how we have a lot of the same questions asked whenever we do trunk shows and events. So I thought, why not make a list with all the answers!

1. Will all of my things fit inside the bag?

Title-What-fits-Lauren Mini-Lauren-table-shot
Our handbags come in many different sizes and are versatile to what they fit. The bag we get the most questions about is… (click either image for access to the Newsletter to see more).

In the past, we have also done a What Fits? blog on the Nikki vs. Sophie, Cher vs. Janey, Edie vs. Zee, and the new Mini-Pamela, showing what can can fit in each. We had some fun with themes like wedding, travel or simply if you prefer a small bag. For the woman who carries her whole life in her purse (guilty as charged) the Lauren, Edie, or Zee would be the best fit; For the lady who likes to carry around all the essentials but not have large purse the Mini-Pamela or Nikki is just for you! In need of a small bag that can still hold more than your phone? Then the Sophie or Janey is right up your alley, and the Cher wristlet is the perfect on-the-go accessory. See what you can fit!

2. How long will it last me?

Brynn Capella handbags are made of high quality leather that is meant to last. Many different kinds of leathers are used, from top coated leather to ones with a natural finish, depending on which bag and which color. Each leather changes with you the more you use the bag; some crackle and soften with wear and others maintain their shine while becoming softer.

Brynn guarantees her craftsmanship and does repairs gratis (up to 6 months after purchase) if any problems do occur, because let’s be honest, life happens to good handbags.

Like any fashion leather piece the handbags last longer the better you take care of it. Conditioning the leather every so often helps keep it in it’s best shape, be careful not to over stuff your bag, and be wary of yanking too hard on the strap (Secret tip: if you push the leather strap through before pulling on it to make it longer, the strap will glide through).

For more detail on how to properly care for your leather handbag you can visit our Leather Care Guide.

3. What occasions can I wear my handbag for?


The Lauren and Mini-Lauren are the most versatile for any occasion because of the many ways you can wear it, going from day-to-night flawlessly. With the variety of styles that Brynn offers, our customers can easily find a handbag perfect for whatever occasion she has; From the many different styles of crossbody’s to wristlets to clutches to totes, BC handbags has it all. You can check out our many different What to Wear‘s for more inspiration on how to wear a Brynn Capella handbag!

4. If I don’t get the handbag now will I regret it tomorrow?

YES. Brynn has been a seller at the One of a Kind show for the past six years and each year she has had women come to her booth saying that they saw her handbags last year and didn’t buy one and have been kicking themselves all year for not getting it then. These handbags are gorgeous pieces that will get you where you are going in life while being fashionable. All handbags are limited edition, you can always get the same style of bag but the colors are first come, first serve. So once a bag in a certain color is sold out, it is gone for good!

A Brynn Capella handbag is a quality investment that is a timeless piece and will last you for years to come.

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