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Shaped By Experience

Time to make a change, grow up a little and experience the “real” world!

Leaving college is so bittersweet because, let’s be real, no more cramming for exams, stress of tests, or sleep deprived days and you are a free bird! But sometimes, that drastic change can be overwhelming knowing that there is no syllabus to live your life by now, for it is only you and the choices you have to make which will shape your entire new lifestyle.

Being a fresh graduate from the University of Missouri having studied both fashion design and business, I knew I could learn a lot from internships. I think it’s important to experience the working world, outside of retail and restaurant jobs, depending on what you may be considering as a career.133106450524FEB2012-288

Last summer, I interned at Dillard’s. Although knowing I probably would not get to be hands on with product design, I wanted to experience big business.

The main things I learned:

  • how management works
  • the cycles between new shipments and sales
  • to compare how brands sold from past to current
  • patterns of consumers and why trend research is so important for the buyers to make sure you have what customers want in stock

Even though it was less creative, the pay was very nice considering I was an intern and not making commission :). But this summer, I was ready to get some experience that ran much closer along the lines of actual design, production, and how that whole cycle was ran. Realizing this was very important to know that experience you want is everything even when it is not being compensated.

IMG_6072Being Brynn’s design assistant, I have learned more in four weeks than I could have ever imagined!

Focusing on Spring 2015, Fall 2015, and even Spring 2016 all at once was super confusing, at first, but it all makes sense now that I have gotten used to the flow of everything. Creating mood boards and developing inspirations came so natural to me AND it was fun! This is how I want to feel when I’m ‘working’ wherever I end up. So if you have the chance to take an unpaid position somewhere that you know could possibly change your life, I say take it!

Since I was a business minor, it was so helpful to actually see what it takes to run your own business as an entrepreneur to see if it was anything I could realisticly see myself doing someday.

I can’t wait to help in updating Brynn’s tote bag and small cross body. The Top handle tote got a makeover and will debut this Fall as the new Angi City Carryall.

The real world can be scary but it will only be less intimidating when you have dealt with all types of scenarios! There are definitely pros and cons to both big businesses and small but personally I believe it is better to work for a smaller company knowing you have a greater impact with your ideas and actions while also supporting the small business world.

Eventually, we need to stop feeding into the large corporations and I strongly believe that it is up to our generation to make the change! So let’s do it!


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