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What’s in the trunk?

Trunk shows, everyone has heard of them but have you ever been to one?

trunkAlthough a trunk show is basically when a designer brings their line to a boutique for a special in-store pop-up shop, it’s more than that! It’s really a great chance for customers to meet the designer in person, ask questions about their process or inspiration. When do you ever get a chance to do that? Plus most trunk shows include goods that aren’t available all the time at the location. So it’s a great way to see more!

Trunk shows got their name because years ago the designers would bring all of their items in, you guessed it, trunks! But now we have much more convenient suitcases with wheels and IKEA bags.

You may be wondering, why the short history lesson on trunk shows? Well we are doing one on Wednesday! We will be joining Bethany at Comfort Me (one of our shops that has a shop pet) in Hyde Park for the day! Although Comfort Me already carries our line, we will be bringing tons of new bags for you to check out, from the spring Island Girl Collection to some more of our Classics.


We are extremely excited to be doing a trunk show in Hyde Park because we have only ever done shows in the suburbs and downtown before, so we are happy to be expanding to the south side!

Along with us, there will be two other fabulous Chicago designers, Cortney Rhodes with her handpainted silk scarves and Julie Schmidt with her handmade jewelry. Over the years these three ladies have become friends, bonding over their love for designing, art and simply supporting each other.


This is a great chance to support local businesses and designers and get some great original pieces for your closet!

I’m excited to do my first ever trunk show. Although I’ve done sidewalk events and art shows in the past, which are very similar to trunk shows, I’m interested to see the different kinds of customers that a trunk show will attract and what the environment will be like. It’ll be great for me to finally meet the owner of Comfort Me, Bethany and her dog Harley!

Stop in on Wednesday the 24th, 11-6, to see us at Comfort Me! 1508 E 55th St, Hyde Park Shopping Center, Chicago, IL


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