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Skin Safety : For You AND Your Leather

Is your tan now really worth the wrinkles later ??

2256001Even though it’s summertime and a sun-kissed tan is always the trend this time of year, it’s important to know your facts on how to stay protected!

Who tans in tanning beds anymore, anyway??
It’s 2015 people and there are way too many other safe options to look tan, the healthy way! My number one pick to glow this summer is with the help of St. Tropez dark mousse that is both moisturizing and leaves no fake orange tint ever or streaks yay! If I do go out in the sun, I always make sure to wear a minimum of SPF 60, although the Skin Cancer Foundation maintains that SPFs of 15 or higher are fine. Just make sure to reapply every two hours and more, depending on how long you’re exposed and your activities of the day. Be smart. Since 1994, skin cancer cases have increased 300%!

One popular myth is that just because you tan easily there is a minimal chance of developing skin cancer.


And if the cancer is left untreated, it can quickly become melanoma which can be fatal. In fact, even Bob Marley died ultimately from an untreated melanoma spot on his big toe! So, not only do you not want to look 80 when your 40, resembling aged, wrinkly, and worn leather, it is a huge factor in living a long and healthy life!

Speaking of leather, it is also beneficial for you to know how to correctly take care of some other skin you might have, for instance your leather handbag!

Product-pics-Spring2015-wholesaleJust like skin, your leather bag needs protection from the sun. The only difference is what to use highly depends on what kind of leather you are treating. So first things first, you need to know the two main types of leather used for handbags.  For the most part you’ll either have treated or untreated, which encompass many sub type, but for caring purposes, these two will suffice.

Treated leather will usually have a shine to it, known as a top coating, which is an added layer of protection. If you prefer your leather to look like the day you bought it for as long as possible, buy treated leather goods.

Untreated leather will have more of a natural feel to it, main types are known as semi-aniline, nubuck or suede. This type of leather is known to patina. Many different kinds of leather will patina.  Darkening, shining and scratches are all common signs of leather patina. It’s like the distressing of a bomber jacket or the breaking in of a fine leather chair.  Because patina develops in response to your environment, it will make your leather bag a one of a kind.

So when buying a protective spray, cleaning products or conditioners, be sure to read the label! Some products may react with the coating or absorb more quickly in an untreated leather.

For more detailed instructions and additional tips, please check out our CARE page online or contact us directly.


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