Chicago / Summer / Weekend

10 Sight-Seeing Essentials



1. The Lauren Crossbody

The Lauren is the perfect carry-all bag to hold all the essentials while you are sightseeing! The crossbody strap keeps you hands free for any activities the day may bring you. I picked the Canyon Lauren (shown) because it;s a great everyday color for now through Fall!

“Used my Lauren this weekend on a trip to Indianapolis. OMG! That bag went from toting around two little kids to girls night out flawlessly!! I am in utter loooove! First time EVER when travelling I didn’t have to bring more than one bag!!!”  -Jenifer (Byron Center, MI)

2. Phone

This item is basically a given in anyone’s purse so is obviously an essential! It’s your camera, map, communication and more! It’s a great tool to look up places to go in the area.

3. Map of the city

However, you can’t always rely on your phone or data to work properly, so have a map of the area you’re visiting just in case. That way if your phone dies you aren’t left stranded with no direction on where to go. You can pick up a map of the city in most train stations, airports, and local kiosks.

4. Hand Sanitizer

As you travel you will come into contact with things a lot of other people have touched as well, so you will want to be sure to sanitize your hands every so often, especially before you eat. You don’t want to get sick on your vacation!

5. Phone charger

This may seem like something you don’t want to carry around with you, but many places now have outlets for people to charge their electronics. So having your charger with you at all times will come in handy if your phone dies in the middle of an outing; you can run over to the nearest coffee shop and charge it.

6. Sunglasses

A cute pair of sunglasses is a great accessory to carry around, because the sun tends to pop out at random times. And no one likes having to walk around squinting at everything.

7. Cher Wallet/Wristlet

The Cher is the perfect on-the-go wallet and a great size that fits in a handbag without taking up too much room. Perfect to grab out of your purse for a night on the town. (shown in Rosie Lee)

“I had been looking for a wristlet/clutch that wasn’t so big it was bulky and not so small it couldn’t hold all I needed. The Cher is perfect! I’ve bought two and I love them! They are great quality, the leather is beautiful, you can tell can a lot of care went into designing/making them.” -Angela, Website review

8. Travel Journal

Travel journals are a great place to write down where you visited, what you did, food you ate, and anything else you will want to remember at the end of your trip. It also comes in handy if you have to ask for directions, you can write it down and don’t have to worry about forgetting any of the directions.

9. Snacks

Exploring a new area can take a lot of energy. Having a quick and healthy snack for in-between meals is a wonderful way to re-energize while walking around.

10. Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is very important, but is often forgotten in the excitement of seeing a new place. Carrying a water bottle helps remind you to drink water AND it saves you a lot of money!

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