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Bring Your Pet to Work (Every)Day

Many people are lucky to have pets, but not everyone is lucky enough to be able to bring their pets to work with them! Here at the Brynn Capella office we have two lovely cats that keep us company and many of the boutiques that sell our bags have shop pets too! Over the years, we’ve had the joy of getting to know some and wanted to introduce them.

Milk Handmade – Sauvie

sauvie2 sauvie3

The first shop pet on our list is Sauvie, a 7 year old Greyhound who resides in Milk Handmade. I got to meet her in person once and she wanted nothing but love! This sweetie pie greeted me right when I walked in the door and alternated between laying on the couch and begging for more pets for the remainder of my visit.

“She is the world’s laziest pup, so you’ll usually find her snoozing on the couch. Someone asks if she’s real at least once a day. Occasionally she’ll get up to say hello, especially to babies–she loves babies. It’s great to have a cuddle-buddy in the store, and our customers love seeing her!” -Hallie, Sauvie’s human

5137 N Clark St, Chicago, IL

 Fixture – Henry

henryfixture2 henryfixture1

Henry, a 5 year old Goldendoodle, grew up in his store, Fixture. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Henry yet, but have heard nothing but great things of this cutie.

“It’s amazing to have a puppy in the shop for many reasons, but the best one: Customers love him! He is a huge hit with kids, especially those who may be fidgety in the shop (moms always say don’t touch anything except Henry!), and with men who don’t necessarily want to shop… Henry keeps them occupied while their significant others shop! He’s our “official” greeter and mascot and helps bring new people into the store – they see him in the window and come in to say hi. Many people ask me, “How much for Henry?” and the answer is always ‘he’s priceless!'”  -Laura, Henry’s Human

2108 W Roscoe St # 1, Chicago, IL

 Comfort Me – Harley

har Harley

Harley is a black lab mix who was rescued by the owner of Comfort Me. I haven’t gotten to meet darling Harley yet either but I can’t wait to meet him and look at those big sweet eyes.

“I love having him come to work with me. He’s been coming to work with me since he was only 8 weeks old so this has been his life forever! He loves all of the people he gets to meet and most of my customers love it too. There are a few people every now and then that are afraid of dogs or don’t like dogs so I just put him in the back. And he doesn’t mind at all. He knows it’s just for a short time.” -Bethany, Harley’s Human

Hyde Park Shopping Center
1508 E 55th St – Chicago, IL 60615

Brynn Capella Office – Lucky & Cali

brynncat4 brynncat2

Lucky and Cali, 2 and 5 respectively, are the two mischievous cats at the Brynn Capella office.

They love being a part of the action and are always around “supervising” what is going on. Lucky loves vying for attention against computers and emails, and Cali is always finding the newest box to sit in, even if we are trying to pack up an order.

“Lucky and Cali, although they look like cats, act like my two dogs of the office. They love greeting everyone at the front door and are always curious what you are working on. They think the office is their own personal obstacle course, from jumping in and out of boxes to climbing office furniture. They love attention and demand it, sometimes too much. Each have their own personality and have become part of the team.” – Brynn, Lucky & Cali’s human

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