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Merchandiser’s Picks

As the Merchandising Assistant here @ Brynn Capella, we thought it would be a good idea to share a very watered down version of my favorite bags (because trust me, if I shared the entire list you’d be staring at your computer screen ALL day). So here are my TOP four favorite BCBags.

1. Nikki Crossbody Pouch Rustic Clay

Brynn-Capella-Nikki-Clutch-Crossbody-Rustic-Clay-Rust-mainOk so I decided to make my FIRST Merchandiser’s Pick a throwback. The Nikki Pouch Rustic Clay is from the Brynn Capella Bohemian Rhapsody Fall 2014 collection. I think it’s safe to say that ever since I laid eyes on this beauty it was deemed one of my personal faves. Being a person that adores anything earth toned, I IMMEDIATELY gravitated towards this bag. Not only does the color get me, but beautiful antique brass studs on the front panel is probably the best part about this bag. Seriously this picture doesn’t even do it justice.


2. Lauren Crossbody Pure Royalty

Brynn-Capella-Lauren-Crossbody-Pure-ROYALTY-frontNext on my list of personal favs is the Lauren Pure Royalty Crossbody bag. The color is a deep grape color and it literally embodies PURE royalty. The bag itself is made up of a sort of brushed leather so it feels almost as if it’s made of suede. Im telling you, carrying this bag would be like walking around with a soft furry friend. You just can’t help but to constantly caress it because it really is THAT unbelievably soft. I just LOVE love love everything about this bag.


Brynn-Capella-Mini-Lauren-Crossbody-Notting-Hill-Tan-mainview-shopThe Lauren Notting Hill made it to my list (A) because the color is this beautiful distressed camel tone and (B) because the neutral color paired with the comfortable crossbody style makes for the perfect, everyday, “GO TO” bag. Unfortunately, I’m just the type of person that seems to ALWAYS be rushing or running late. BUTTT this is the kind of bag that allows me to come to terms with that. It’s just so easy to pair with virtually ANY outfit and you can throw all of your everyday essentials in it without even thinking twice about it. There’s just no doubt in my mind that you’d not only be able to leave out in a timely manner, but you’d also be leaving the house with style. 

4. Cher Wristlet Blue Lagoon

The Cher Wristlet Blue Lagoon is a part of the most recent Island Girl 2015 Spring Collection. What i love most about this wristlet is that it’s small enough to not weigh me down but it’s also large enough to hold all of my basic essentials. The pretty blue teal color just screams Spring Time and it sort of reminds me of just peace and tranquility. I don’t know this color just does something to me.


So there you have it! Those are my Top four favorite BCbags. So if you’re looking to invest in a Brynn Capella bag, hopefully i’ve done my due diligence by helping you narrow some of your options down because Lord knows its hard to choose JUST one. Trust me…I know from experience. Hope this helps! 🙂


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