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Beauty Hacks 101

Ok so I’m sure we’ve all heard about life hacks one way or another, but how many of you are aware of beauty hacks that can be done using ingredients found right in your home?



#1 Eye Make Up Remover

#2 Eye Lash Conditioner (some believe it makes lashes grow)

#3 Substitute for lip gloss

#4 Rub on split ends between haircuts

#5 Mix with lipstick to make a creme blush for cheeks

#6 Rub over your teeth = no lipstick stains on those pearly whites

#7 Place on pulse points before applying perfume to make it last longer!

#8 Massage into elbows and heels to soften cracked skin




#9 Rinse your hair with it to remove shampoo build up (it prevents dandruff too!)

#10 Use as a skin toner to treat and prevent acne

#11 Use as a de-tangler

#12 Apply to dark spots on face to correct hyper pigmentation( It gets rid of warts and skin tags! Dab on, put band-aid over, repeat for a week)


Coconut Oil


#13 Nothing gives you silkier legs than using coconut oil to shave with

#14 Deodorize your body with a rub down of the stuff. It has antibacterial properties

#15 Rub it into your nails and cuticles to strengthen them

#16 Use it to sooth eczema breakouts

#17 It also makes as a wonderful lip gloss


Double Duty Make-Up


#18 Mascara can double as eyeliner. Just dip a thin brush in the same as if you using liquid liner

#19 Hairstylist can’t squeeze you in this week? Use mascara to cover gray roots

#20 Blush can work as eyeshadow, especially if it’s a more earthy tone

#21 Swipe shimmery eye shadow in a neutral color to set your lipstick 


Lemons & Acidic Fruits 


#22 Lemons can be halved and rubbed on elbows to get ride of discoloration (lemons make a GREAT skin toner and will gradually lighten age spots)

#23 Mix Lemon juice with equal parts water and spritz on your hair and WALA…Free highlights

#24 Use a slice of pineapple as a loofah in the shower

#25 Apples are filled with pectin, which fights acne

#26 Mash up a strawberry with baking soda and use it to whiten your teeth




#27 Spread egg whites under your eyes and let dry to remove puffy bags

#28 Have oily skin? An egg white mask is a great remedy

#29 Use a full egg to make a hair mask for damaged tresses (you can even make your own natural hair gel using eggs)


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