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What Fits: Travel Bags

What-fits-Edie-ZeeAs a city girl, I’m always hustling and bustling around and let’s face it; i’m a little high maintenance, so I absolutely need some things in my purse to get me through the day. But, when I get a moment to get away, I need a bag that will not only give me my go-to things, but a few extra to give a girl something to do during her travels!

And there’s a bag for everyone. Here’s the skinny on two Brynn Capella bags that will do the trick!

Edie Carry-all Tote

For the everyday traveler:

I hate it when I have to walk through a big crowd of people with a million bags on both arms, so I avoid it at all costs (i’m sure i’m not the only one!). With this bag being more of a standard tote, I love that I can carry my laptop along with some other essential gems all in one fashionable spot nestled under my arm.

(shown in Calypso Orchid, available on OpenSky, on sale)

Here’s how the Edie looks with all my stuff in the bag. I utilized the O-rings for my scarf and the inside Key hook, so my keys don’t get lost inside.

Edie insideEDIT

 Zee Satchel

For the weekend getaway:

If you’re like me, you always try to pack your bags to the max with a “what if I need it?” attitude, with little or no extra room when you’re done. It’s good to know what will actually fit in it before you start packing it  30 minutes before the train leaves! So for those times where I need a bag big enough to fit my things, but small enough to carry on my arm (while stuffed between 25 other commuters), and the Zee bag is just the ticket.

Zee full 2EDIT

(shown in Foxxy Mama, available on

Here’s what my Zee satchel looks like full of my items. I use the conveniently placed outside pocket for my cell phone and lip gloss for quick retrieval and the outside D-ring for my keys, although I could put them inside one of the two big pockets inside the bag.

Zee inside 1EDIT So which bag is perfect for you?

Zee table1EDIT
– Large Wallet
– iPad or tablet
– Fashion Magazine
– Pair of Sunglasses in a case
– Headphones
– Cell Phone (given; but it’s true!)
– Keys
– A Pair of Flats or a light sweater
– Phone Charger (for long trips)
– A snack
– Smart water
– If you don’t need an extra pair of shoes, a make-up bag fits nicely.


Edie table 2EDITlarge
– Large Wallet
– 13″ Macbook
– Fashion Magazine
– Pair of Sunglasses in a case
– Headphones
– Cell Phone
– Keys (with my Brynn Capella key chain, of course!)
– A Pair of Flats
– Scarf
– A snack
– Smart Water
– If you don’t need your laptop or use a large wallet, a make-up bag fits nicely.

Of course, if the Zee is more your style as an everyday diva, take your tablet to work instead!

Happy Travels!


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