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What Fits: Wedding bags


As wedding season is approaching, I’ve noticed the ever growing collection I have been getting of wedding invitations. When I go to weddings, I always feel like I need a million things to keep me looking prepped and perfect, from during the vows all the way to the dancing. But let’s be realistic: I only use about three things in my bag. So instead of bringing a giant bag that looks way to casual for a wedding, I have gotten accustomed to using a small bag that fits my needs in both size and style.

Here’s two Brynn Capella handbags that could totally be your “plus one”

Cher wristlet

Especially when you’re in the bridal party, a wristlet can be extremely helpful. Between all of the locations (the hotel before, the ceremony, the pictures after, the reception, etc.) it’s so easy to set your bag down somewhere and forget about it. But hey, that could even happen as a guest! I personally love wristlets exactly for this reason. No matter how much walking or dancing I do, my necessities will be securely around my wrist for easy access.

Cher on Table

Inside: cell phone, pack of gum, lip gloss, oil blotting sheets, perfume roller, tissue, Band-Aid Friction Block stick (Prevents blisters… it’s seriously magic!) There’s inside pockets too if you need ID, credit cards, etc.

And this is what it looks like inside!


Janey clutch

I always hate when I forget something at home that I know I’ll need; sometimes you’re at an out of state wedding or just don’t have time to run back in between the ceremony and the reception. I love larger clutches that maintain their shape because then I can bring a couple extra items without over stuffing my bag. The Janey also comes with a crossbody strap which I think is genius because then you can shake your stuff on the dance floor without worrying about it being left alone at the table.

Janey on table

Inside: cell phone, Dylan coin bag, pack of gum, lip gloss, oil blotting sheets, perfume roller, digital camera, tissue, eye liner, mascara, Band-Aid Friction Block stick (seriously… this stuff rocks!)

 And this is what it looks like on the inside!


There’s even room to spare if you need more.

 Now go get your celebration on and check out our Pinterest page for more wedding style tips and ideas. 


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