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What’s Coming Next?

Look’s like the April showers that bring May flowers may be coming early!

But that’s okay, because we’re ready for it anyway!

Warmer weather has put everyone at Brynn Capella in a happier mood. We finally get to break out our tee shirts and soon enough, our capris and flip flops. It’s now the time to roll down the car windows and blast our favorite tunes, something that Brynn absolutely loves.

Brynn’s musical background and everlasting love for melodic tunes has had a strong influence in her thought process and, in case you couldn’t tell, is a running theme for her handbag collection names.

Take note of:

With the Island Girl spring collection also comes some changes. Be sure to keep an eye out for the debut of the mini-Pamela. In fact the mini-Pamela is extremely similar to its larger counterpart, the Pamela, with the exception of a smaller body. But don’t worry, even though the size is updated, the aesthetic of the classic Pamela handbag stayed the same in its mini-me; the slouchy posture is still maintained, the medium strap got extended, and the zipper got moved to the back.

With early spring festivals, lunch with the girls, and the thought of being able to lighten your load, we thought spring was the perfect time to debut the mini-Pamela. After all, spring is about flip-flops, sandals, and small bags.



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