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Denim Divas: American Made

At Brynn Capella Inc. we LIVE in our denim– it’s the California way!

We are proud to be 100% American-made, and we love brands that are made in the USA….. see where we’re going with this?

So, we have compiled a list of denim brands that feel the same way we do!


AG Jeans – Los Angeles, CA

The AG team has maintained its commitment to the “made in the U.S.A.” label, and is dedicated to the continued development of the brand with the utmost attention to detail and quality. The ultimate goal for any denim brand is to create jeans with genuine vintage appeal, while maintaining a modern silhouette with authentic washes.

Left Field N.Y.C.  – New York City, NY

“Left Field was started back in 1998, a time when American-made clothing was practically unheard of. Back then, the word “vintage” was only used to describe pieces that were actually old, and the brands that dominated menswear were as inspiring as the local Walmart. Left Field grew out of small shotgun apartments and lofts throughout Brooklyn. Every step of its growth I was personally a part of, from carrying rolls of fabrics in the back of my truck, and then up and down elevators in the Garment District, to climbing over bags of clothing to get out of bed. Although the brand has been through many phases over the years, making quality, American clothing that our grandfathers would be proud of has always been my number one concern.”

– Christian McCann, Founder Left Field NYC

Tellason – San Fransisco, CA

Tony Patella and Pete Searson have been like-minded friends since 1990. Their love for durable goods, their respect for where they came from and who made them is found in their brand. “We are 100% committed to the city of San Francisco and will make our jeans here and only here, forever. This place is the home of blue jean culture as we know it and moving production somewhere else to save a couple of bucks just won’t happen. If you know us, you know this to be true…”

Raleigh Denim Workshop – Raleigh, NC

“We craft denim the old-school way + we take great pride in making the best jeans in the country. swing by next time you’re in town + see where the magic happens. it’s probably the closest you’ll get to jeans-making without actually doing it yourself.”

The Stronghold – Los Angeles, CA

“Established in 1895, eight years before the Wright Brothers first flew at Kitty Hawke, The Stronghold was the very first denim brand manufactured in Los Angeles. Our reproduction of this classic brand celebrates the old world worksmanship, selvage fabric and details of the original, to achieve a timeless style, fit, and finish.”

Hudson Jeans – Los Angeles, CA

Hudson Jeans are produced from premium quality denim sourced at textile mills in Europe and Japan. Since the brand’s launch in 2002, all Hudson clothing items items have been manufactured in Los Angeles, California. Each pair of jeans from the designer is hand finished and tailored, for a one-of-a-kind fit.

And these are only a few! Continue to support brands you’re passionate about!  #MadeintheUSA


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