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Do You Know Your Brands?

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Fashion Focused to Fashion Conscious

Fashion is in constant mode of change and adaptation, and let’s face it; it is harder today than ever to see the blurred “behind the scenes” of even some of our most loved brands.

As a Chicago-based handbag design company, we are not only passionate about being locally designed and made, but also finding ways to give back to our local community, as well as national charitable causes. Even as small as we are now, we still offer employee discounts and free snacks (Thanks Costco). So, we love to recognize brands that resonate with our social conscious.

I thought it would be nice to take a moment to give a big “thumbs up” to other brands in support of their company consciousness.

1. Starbucks

starbucksWe all know and love our Venti Soy Mocha Frappuccino with a double shot of espresso,  but not many actually know that the employee handcrafting that lovely cup of goodness is a very happy employee!

Starbucks has been known for offering a many unique benefits for its employees and several perks that are absolutely worth it since the 80’s.

Besides the employee discount and a free coffee every shift, Starbucks offers benefits such as: comprehensive health insurance to full-AND part-time employees, 401K matching, stock opportunities called “Bean Stock”, a college achievement plan (paying for employees to finish their degree), and more recently, they have announced they will be raising pay for “starting” employees throughout its locations.

Way to go Starbucks!

2. Google

Making the top of Fortune 500 Magazine’s list of “Best companies to Work for in 2014”, Google has consistently been deemed a fun company to be a part of for years, but this is the second year in a row that it has made number one on the list.

First off, each Google office has outstanding perks like laundry capabilities in the office, free meals (yes, all of them), a fitness center (or pays for a membership), and a customized desk for maximum productivity. Google also offers paid maternity leave, free legal advice and counseling, and reimbursement for classes and college degree programs, and that’s not all! Each “Googler”, as Google employees are referred as, owns stock within the company. All of that is great, but another reason this company gets a “thumbs up” is because it is a 100% domestic company that produces more than 4,000 jobs every year. Google supports its dreamers, so let’s dream for more support of companies like this!

3. Costco

Image result for costco employee

Who doesn’t love bulk pricing? But, Costco is more than just a place to get a 10 lb bag of sugar and a 1/2 gallon of Hershey’s syrup.

Costco is one of the businesses on the short list of companies that actually offer insurance benefits to BOTH full and part-time employees. To help their employees get a little more from their paychecks with stock purchasing plans, and by paying higher premiums, so less taxes are taken from each check. Medically speaking, they’ve got them covered with great pharmacy benefits, disability insurance, and the “care network” that allows employees, regardless of when they begin employment, to see Costco’s professional counselling with work or personal challenges to insure the happiness of their staff. As if huge discounts on gobs of everyday items isn’t enough, the employees have it made!


Since 2006, TOMS has been operating under its “One for One” promise to give a pair of shoes to a child in need.  It is these companies, the ones that offer more than a retirement plan that we need to support and help them thrive because of how they treat their employees, and the world’s citizens.

Aside from its socially responsible core, TOMS offers its happy staff a pretty generous set of employee benefits including Full healthcare packages, 401K retirement plans, maternity leave, family medical leave as well as military leave to support their employees. The company also offers a free gym membership, a pet-friendly workplace, free snacks and coffee throughout the day, as well as free lunch during their “Snack & Chats” where the company educates employees about more philanthropic activities.

The moral of the story is to support the brands that are doing their best to benefit their employees, the community, and the world with a big heart!


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