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Key Shopping Habits

Whether you are already a fan or don’t really follow Who What Wear, I am here to say you should.  Recently, I have discovered more and more that they do a great job of reporting on fashion in not always your typical magazine hyped way.  Although they do cater to trend-setting fashion lovers and their followers are typically between the ages of 18-34, some of the articles are very fashion friendly for the masses, as well as, those simply wanting to be more fashionable but not in a “celebrity inspired” way only.

With that said, I admit, as a handbag designer, you might think of me as more fashion forward than most.  However, I pride myself and my designs on not being a slave to fashion trends, so when you see some good tips, ya gotta share.

So the title is: The Most Important Shopping Habits To Establish By The Time You’re 30, but these really are great tips that you can start much earlier.  I wish I would have had known some of these when I was in my twenties.  They all are really good tips, but a few really caught my eye, #3, #4 and #9.


3. Invest In The 3 Bs: Blazer, Bag, and Boots
​These three pieces should be mainstays in your closet at all times.

WWW Tip: Quality over quantity always reigns supreme with these purchases.
BC Tip: Luxury items for everyday life are key (i.e. work, weekends, dinner parties, special occasions.)


4. Buy Fast Fashion Wisely 
​Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for the thrifty find, but the reality is you’re getting too old for poorly made items. Instead, invest in the key pieces that will last you for years.

WWW Tip: High street brands are great for picking up those super trendy items you’ll wear for a single season.
BC Tip: Please avoid fast fashion that employees bad labor practices.


9. Take Care Of Your Investment Pieces 
​Knowing how to properly store your knits and leather can save you a ton of money in the long run.

WWW Tip: Check out our expert-driven stories on how to extend the life of your leather and knits.
BC Tip: Depending on how you like your leather to wear, there are a few basic tips to keep it looking its best.


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