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Top Secret — New Collection In Progress

Even though it’s still Fall/Winter 2014, we are already working on colors and themes for Fall/Winter 2015.  It’s crazy! But it’s also one of the most exciting times of this year for me.IMG_5070

We started working on this collection in September, with a design method called mood boards. It is basically a collage of all the mix of interesting colors and trends in design that we discovered in magazines, fashion reports and on websites such as Our mood boards may look CRAZY at first sight, but they are also very organized, in the languages of color, combos and style.

I knew it would be chaotic at first, but as we worked on it over the last few months, everything finally started to come together. What I learned is that it is all about making the right decisions on many aspects, from the mood boards, color choices, Color themes with lining and zippers, re-design improvements, and overall cost. Every one of them is as important as the other, they work together and balance each other out.

IMG_5059Creating a theme with the colors of leather is the key to each season. Brynn and I started with looking at your basic core fall colors such as: black, brown, grey, red, orange, blue and green. Since every single color has its own wide color spectrum, the different variations can make a huge difference in the overall balance of the collection.  So we are looking over the mood boards, trying to figure out the colors that are unique (from seasons past), match our brand aesthetics and collectively create a theme, which sometimes comes first and other times last. Visiting our leather suppliers recently is helping us narrow down the perfect color combination.Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 4.12.28 PM

 Meanwhile, we are also working on the cost of the new season. We figure out our cost based on the price of raw materials, such as leather choices, hardware, lining, and of course, labor time costs.

Now you can look forward to the new collection more?!?! We will too! Make sure you follow up with our blog, because we will post more about the design process to keep you in the loop!


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