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Today in the office.

Events, E-Commerce, and newsletters. These are just a few of the daily tasks I have on my to do list. You can never prep early enough for something down the road. When looking ahead, we have to make sure we are going to have enough time to get everything done. Getting prepared for the biggest event of the season, all other work has to be done before December 1st. This means, getting newsletter ideas, making sure our websites are up to date and ready for the holidays, and keeping track of emails and communication with boutiques.

Today I have to finish up last minute details, and start new tasks to get ahead. The newsletters are becoming easier the more I do them. It’s exciting to start with an idea and see how it transforms to the final product. Tasks like Polyvore, and blogging have become something I enjoy because I can be creative and have fun with it.

Seeing firsthand the process of getting a new line ready is hard work. Their are so many variables that go into picking the lining, colors, and names of each new bag. But when all the hard work is done, it’s very exciting seeing your final product. Here is a sneek peak of our Spring 2015 collection.


Can’t forget about our mascot! Lucky always wants us to pay more attention to him than our work. He is the best at stealing your seat as soon as you stand up.


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