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How to get our look!

This is one of my favorite looks from our Fall photo shoot. It was also one of the looks that came together the easiest. Starting off with knowing the Meadow Mini-Lauren needed a look, we saw this dress on the rack at Anthropologie and knew the two went together. But it’s fall, so no ones going to just wear this dress and a handbag. (light bulb) How can we layer this…

With even colder weather on the way, adding a jacket and a scarf was a no brainier.ย  Any type of boot would make this look complete. Still not warm enough? This is a long dress, no one is going to see if you have tights underneath, and no one will know if they even match. If you add a winter coat, stick with the tones of the outfit, or whatever you have in your closet. Last but not least, wear a hat with it.

Have fun with this outfit! This outfit is perfect during the day with all the layers, and you can keep it on to go out at night because don’t forget you have this amazingly fun dress on! ย If you are adventurous in the cold, you can pair it with some cool booties even!

How to get our look!

Petite maxi dress
on sale – $59.95 – anthropologie.com

Cowl scarf
$58 – etsy.com

Meadow – Mini-Lauren
$298 – brynncapella.com

Meadow Mini-Lauren

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