Fall / Fashion / Photoshoot

More than meets the eye

anthroCall ourselves the lucky interns. Being able to do two photo shoots instead of just one was a treat! Going shopping twice, becoming great friends with the mannequin, we were becoming pros at photo shoots.

We all looked through magazines like Lucky, Glamour, and InStyle to find poses, and different angles that would compliment the bag for each look.  We were able to use our fashionable side and pick out outfits for each look.  6 colors + 4 different style bags = a lot of outfits! Honestly, who thought a photo shoot had this much prep in it, but the outcome was well worth it.

Looking back, it is baffling to see how it started to how it finished. Looking at magazines to get inspiration, then going shopping for each look, dressing up the mannequin (numerous times), and finally seeing the model in the look we put together. Even though we use everyday women to pose with our everyday bags, we think they would be great models! This look actually came in handy twice.

We used the adorable skirt…


and loved the angled pose. We thought wouldn’t a bag just look perfect on her shoulder…


Photo shoots were as fun as I imagined (except when the weather is freezing!) But what I realized the most, is it’s a lot harder than it looks. And in the end, the hard work paid off as the results looked amazing.


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