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My Experience at Modern Beauty 2014

As we were gearing up for Modern Beauty  I realized that there’s just not enough hours in the day! I’ve become a professional when it comes to loading and unloading items to the car. Getting ready for Modern Beauty was a walk in the park compared to the Chicago Sidewalk Sale. Who woulda knew that Cher wristlets could be so heavy, I swear I gained some arm muscle from doing summer events with Brynn.  

As we were weaving through traffic I could hear and see Chicago’s bustling atmosphere. And I realized that I love the excitement, the unknown and the chaos when it comes to doing these events. Yes, we had to carry all of our precious handbags around the block  (which felt like a 5 mile walk ) to Modern Beauty. But, it was all worth it in the end for three reasons: I was able to network, try new foods and even copped myself some beauty goodies!

Setting up for these events use to be so difficult but not anymore! I love being able to working outside of office and feel the excitement of what elements are thrown at us.Whether it maybe a last minute decision to put all of our fall handbags on the table or take note that next time for Modern Beauty we need to bring our Pamela hobos! One thing I learned from Brynn is that you just gotta go with the flow, if A,B and C don’t work out try something new and MOVE ON TO THE NEXT!

As an inspiring PR Girl who wants to make way into the fashion public relations industry, I knew that Chicago Fashion scene was smaller than LA or NYC but what were the chances that I bumped into Kori Colemen, aka 2GirlsandaWeekend. This girl is such a go-getter and knows what she wants! She’s making her way into the fashion/ entertainment industry. The journalist in me kicked in I felt like I gained so much positive insight from her. For instance, if you want to be apart of this crazy fast pace lifestyle you gotta blog, go to events and don’t be afraid to talk with people. I’ve learned that your key in is to NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK!

“Stay current and hustle hard as cheesy as it sounds hustle for what you want.” -Kori Colemen

Modern Beauty: 1|mini burgers 2|beauty samples 3|Network



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