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Social Media Has Inspired Me

My internship this summer with Brynn has allowed me to thoroughly gain an understanding  of how inspirational social media is as long as you utilize it correctly. The possibilities of discovering up-and-coming brands, trends, and more are absolutely endless. I’ve learned to take advantage of the ins and outs from various social media platforms for my own personal fashion interests as well as connecting with a variety of other fashionistas and companies pertaining to my internship and expanding  our audience.

When I seek help for beauty inspiration, my go-to fashion maven is none other than Ryan Newman. Even though she is younger than me, her style is way beyond her years and each of her outfits is extremely unique. She is also the same exact size as me so it’s convenient to visualize how an outfit would look on my body! All of her fashion advice is posted on her personal Instagram which I never realized before starting my internship. Fun fact! Numerous celebrities and fashion icons share their honest beauty secrets in depth on their own personal social media platforms.

Next, for my internship, Wanelo has been the best social media platform I’ve discovered thus far to reach a bigger audience. I thought it would be the perfect atmosphere to share some of Brynn’s cross body bags in particular and connect with other users looking for this type of product. By doing this, we were able to branch out to an audience that we would have had a more difficult time connecting with on Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram. We learned that Wanelo is the perfect platform to share products with individuals willing to be open-minded and wanting to dabble at trends they would never have considered elsewhere.

All of this being said, I’m so excited to see how else other social media websites can be used for my personal benefit/ professional convenience in my future work. Social media is constantly changing and developing everyday that it’s imperative to stay on top of the latest trends in the grapevine!


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