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My Summer With Lauren

At the beginning of this summer I started a new internship as well as a new friendship. No, I’m not only talking about the friendship I formed with my fellow interns – I’m talking about the relationship that was made with my new bag, Lauren.

I thought for my last blog post with Brynn Capella Inc. I would write about my adventures through the city with my Lauren Bag!


Exploring Wicker Park

From finding the most delicious fish tacos to discovering the cutest shops and boutiques, Lauren was light enough to carry all day but spacious enough to hold most of my shopping bags!




Interns Outing: A Beauty Event Downtown Chicago

Alicia, Nicole and I went to a Fashion Group International of Chicago event hosted downtown on Michigan Ave earlier this summer. Although I was slightly underdressed that did not stop the compliments about Lauren from rolling in non-stop all evening.


IMG_1427 (1)



Cubs Game at Wrigley Field

In the past, I have found it hard to find a bag that can transition not only from day to night, but from one social gathering to the next. With my Lauren, I found it easy to go from dressy, to casual cute, to just plain casual. Lauren had a great time at the game too – she even almost caught a fly ball!



Drinks at the Signature Lounge on the 96th floor

That 96-floor climb was no problem with everything I needed stashed in my Lauren. From a bottle of water to a
small snack to a brush to fix my hair – I was fully prepared to relax when we reached that top! (Okay I took the elevator – but I still used all of those essentials when we got to the top!)





Shopping off Michigan Ave.

Dashing from one dazzling storefront to the next is usually exhausting with a large bag around your shoulder. This is never the case with my Lauren as she is made with light non-bulky leather and is easy to tote around the city from morning till night – and look great doing it!


Thanks to Lauren I was able to have a stress free, non-stop, fashionable summer!  I can’t wait to take her on my adventures for years to come…

Until next time, XOXO



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