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The It Girls inspired by the Runway

Our It Girls, Lauren, Nikki and Cher, know what’s good when it comes to fashion! They’ve become the trendsetters for this spring.  Could they have been inspired by the colors from Mulberry, Stella Mccartney and Derek Lam?

Lauren isn’t your typical girl. She’s multi- functional and knows how to dress up or down for any day of the week. As pop of color, she goes well with any occasion and outfit.

Nikki’s got what it take to be any girl’s bff at concerts, clubs and shopping why? Because she’s capable, strong and bold. Her studs can help any girl exude confidence. As an added bonus she’ll stick to you like glue and never want to let go.

Cher knows what’s up when you wanna talk about less is more. She’s that it girl who knows that in the end you really only need the basics to look and feel great. Cher does what she’s best at and that’s being minimalist. As a muted yellow, she still shines without being too flashy.

Let us know who’s your bestie when your out-n- about enjoying the good life?


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