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My Workcation in Michigan

Let’s talk about workcations, the upside is that it’s still a vacation but the downside is that the work comes along with you. I’ve been living in Chicago for about three months now and my workcation in Bay Harbor, MI was a nice change of scenery and VERY much needed. Bay Harbor made me realize three things: 1. the air smells so much fresher in upper MI, 2. slow down and appreciate your surroundings and 3. better to over prepared than under prepared.

The Bay Harbor Art Fest weather was super bi-polar. We experienced sunny skies, hail, rain and breezy winds  throughout the whole weekend. Everyday was a new challenge as to “How can we protect our bc bags today?” It felt like every other hour we were zipping and unzipping our tent keeping the rain and hail out. But in the end I realized that our bc bags can handle ANY thing, WHY? because they’re durable and cute! This art fest was amazing and I was pleasantly surprised by how much here that the women understand, appreciate and love handcrafted items like our handbags. I mean come on what more could you ask for?!!? the ladies here know what good leather is when they smell it!

And don’t even get me started about the view here, everyday I looked forward to my lunch break because of the clear skies and fresh air. It did also help that my Santa Fe Club sandwich melted like butter in my mouth.

 1. Our Booth 2.Crispy Ceasar Chicken Wrap 3. Wearing my Foxy Mama Zee Satchel  4. Bay Harbor Arts Fest

No matter how much I’ve grown to love Chicago and its craziness. I can definitely say that I’ll be back in Bay Harbor next time for a real vacation!

When’s the last time you had a workcation? Tweet us your photos @brynncapella with #BrynnTravels


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