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Autumn Equinox: Tuesday, September 23rd

We get it, early bird gets the worm but I feel like I can’t go three feet without being slapped in the face with advertisements and sales for a season or holiday that is still six months away! – (Okay, maybe it isn’t that bad, but it seems like it)

Right now as I am sitting in the office writing this, it is 77 degrees outside, but every store I enter is shoving knee long parkas and wool hats down my throat.

I guess this is not that bad of a tactic being that I myself did succumb to a beautiful yet unseasonable design and bought a black sweater just a few days ago as I was sweating my butt off at the 8th annual Chicago Sidewalk Sale! Honestly who can blame me – it was the last black hoodie from this past fall that Anna Hovet had in stock in that particular style and I absolutely love it!

The only problem is that I have been cranking the AC in my apartment all week to 45, so I can wear it in this warm weather. Nonetheless, it was still one of the best purchases I have made all summer!

Meadow Lauren Crossbody from our Fall Bohemian Rhapsody Collection

Obviously we are absolutely nuts about our Fall line from the rich olive to a rustic clay, but we are still loving our current spring colors that WILL transition well into the fall from the obvious – Notting Hill (Tan) and Old Royal (Navy), to English Channel (Mint) and Cambridge (Red).

Although we like waiting until it is a little closer to the leaves falling off the trees, and the swimming pools shutting down to get the chance to dive into a whole new season of colors, we do have a heart.

Here is a sneak peak of what you can expect to see hanging off the fashionable shoulders of women this coming season.

So just remember people – Autumn starts in September, Christmas is in December, and St. Patrick’s day is…well you get the point – dress for the season your in!


– PRgirlJamie


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