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This year’s Sidewalk Sale was HOT, HOT, HOT!

This week, I’m pretty sure I’ve witnessed a triple threat showcase when it comes down to jewelry, clothing, and handbags. Tuesday and Wednesday was the 8th annual Chicago Sidewalk Sale at Daley Plaza, and let me assure you, the talent here was hot, hot, hot! This was my first time attending and I was blown away by the caliber of the event. All ranging from the original and high quality products that each of the designers had on display to the entertaining and high energy fashion show.

Sidewalk Sale 2k14 & Models reppin’ Brynn Capella swag

Working the event allowed me to get an insight into what potential customers look for when they are browsing through handbags. It was also fun to see past customers returning with their many different styles of Brynn Capella bags, purchased at last year’s Sidewalk Sale. The other interns and I didn’t let the heat interfere with getting as much out of the event as possible. Interacting with the customers and hearing all the positive feedback was really enjoyable.

We got a handful of compliments on the Lauren and Mini-Lauren crossbody bags. Everyone that stopped by immediately noted how they adored the variety of rich colors to choose from! They then appreciated how versatile the bag is. A lot of them specifically pointed out how the Lauren would be ideal for their upcoming travel plans.

We also got numerous compliments on the Nikki from various women in their 20s. Many of them stated how perfect the Nikki would be for Lollapalooza coming up this August!


Check out more photos and videos from the 2014 Sidewalk Sale here!


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